Pruning and grafting with Bradford Apple Group

Autumn is here and it's time to start planning the tasks for the winter.  Earlier this year in March, Bradford Apple Group hosted a series of workshops teaching Community Growers how to prune and graft apple and other fruit trees.  These activities were supported by funding obtained through BEES (Bradford Environmental Service) and BCEP (Bradford Community Environment Project) We met initially at Springfield Community Gardens over in Holmewood and were taught by RHS-trained Horticulturist Andrew Chapman, of those plant people in Keighley.  We then had the chance to practise on the trees in Bowling Park Community Orchard with Julia Pearson

Why Map?

One of the initiatives Grow Bradford has is to map Bradford. You might say why? Surely Bradford is already mapped already. What is important about the mapping we are doing is the context. We are focusing on Growing Projects in Bradford. This is key to meet our aim of information sharing and places depict on a map are rich with information. One of the important principles underlying the way we map for Grow Bradford is to whom the data is accessible, that is everyone. For that reason we have chosen to contribute data to They aim to “create and

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BEES field trip to Barden Bridge, near Bolton Abbey

On November 26th about 20 people joined the BEES (Bradford Environmental Education Service) annual mystery Wildlife Field Visit.  We met in Bradford, by the Unitarian Church, as is tradition, and took the mystery minibus trip to Bolton Abbey.  From there some ramblers walked through Strid Woods to Barden Bridge and back again, whilst myself and the other amblers strolled to the aqueduct and back. We were lucky to have with us experts on fungi, lychens and botany and birds, so we stopped to look at fungi; including wrinkled club, lumpy bracket and olive oysterling. Further along we saw mandarin ducks