Presenting Plenty Preserves, Seasonal Food Days and Growers’ Survey

Plenty Preserves is an initiative between re-considered and Grow Bradford. In late summer 2015 we received a grant from WRAP (Waste Reduction Action Programme) to find creative solutions to surplus food from Bradford's St. James wholesale market. The project uses re-considered's experience of waste systems and Grow Bradford's experience of food systems to co-operate on designing an innovative product range of preserves from surplus food. Since Autumn 2015 we have been visiting the market at least once a week to talk with traders and see what food they are no longer able to use. We love going there and finding

Building Soil with Bokashi

I think we all have good reason to be put off by composting. Its difficult enough to get it together to compost and when you do its often hedged with caveats, "no bones, no cooked food, no dairy". Well that’s me out, I think, my kitchen littered with bones and milk cartons (figuratively, ahem). Recently however, I stumbled across Bokashi bucket composting which can take pretty much any food waste and rapidly break it down into stuff that’s good for your soil. Bokashi is Japanese for “fermented organic matter” and the 'science bit' of Bokashi is the “effective microbes” or

Transforming food systems through co-operation in our communities

Whilst austerity is hitting the poorest and most vulnerable in society, in the UK (and the rest of the 'western world'), it is also shaking the foundations of many of the institutions and infrastructures that we take for granted. With regards to food and bio-(cultural) diversity this raises concerns but also some opportunities.  In fact, for bringing 'community' together and breaking down many of the social barriers which are in fact often a result of over-bureaucratic official systems which are out-of-date and no longer fit for purpose, now is a good time. If we look to the keystones of